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Video Viral Strategy Engagements

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As newly appointed social media agency for AIA Insurance, among the first tasks that we've been given is to appeal millennial to reconnect with their mother during Mother's Day while appealing AIA brand with hashtag #RealCareNeverStops. Challenge accepted!


We dive down to our target audience minds, exploring the depth of the mother-child relationship, specially on our target audience, the millennial.


Based on our insights, we manages to deliver a simple and heart-moving video based on the facts that most millennial are busy chasing careers and/or enjoying life, that their relationship with their mother's is grew further apart. We also incorporate a stylish chat style storytelling that our target audience are really into.


The video went viral on mother's day, as our target audience barely held their tears as the story touches every corner of audience’s heart and helps them to reconnect with their mother's. The video managed to achieve :

Reached organically 13K views, 199 comments and 292 likes on AIA Facebook fan page post

Reached 69.409 views on AIA YouTube channel

Reach organic 1,6M audience, with 2.1K Likes and 6.6K shares on our Facebook Page

More than 223K views on our Facebook Fanpage

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