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Korea Tourism Organization

The Rebranding Strategy in Digital Media


"We need to grow bigger in digital media, as we want to become the top-of-mind in terms of tourism destination for Indonesian.” That was the biggest challenge that the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) team has briefed Pensil Media in early 2018. Back then, KTO followers on Instagram were only 10k.

KTO start


From our research in 2018, we have noticed that South Korea was not the primary choice of Indonesian people to travel even though that many of them are really into K- Pop, K-Drama, and other Korean trends. Therefore, we saw an opportunity to utilise Korean Wave (Hallyu trend, k-Pop, k-Drama, etc.) and its communities,  in the right way,  to further enhance our strategy to substantially grow KTO social media assets.

Hence, we decided to tapped-in with the Korean Wave trends

and put tourism destinations into it.

Not only providing social media strategy, but Pensil Media was also given an enormous task to revamp, the official Korea Tourism Organization website, to appeal to a younger target audience, easy to use, and establish an intuitive engagement within the website as the central hub for Indonesian travelers to plan their South Korea trip.



Choose One Single


We started with providing communication that we will consistently use as the main message & strategy in all digital media, including social media and websites. Hence, we have

a single solid communication

for our integrated digital strategy that we can use to win the audience’s attention. 


Maintain the Asset

Still using single communication, we started maintaining the social media and revamped the website with more appealing and engaging content. We built the right content pillar that the audience will value to follow and enjoy the content, such as all about Korean Wave, Korean trends, and K-Food. Moreover, we also featured the traveler who already went to South Korea via our regular ‘User Generated Content’ through #AkuDanKorea. And starting in 2021, KTO increased their digital asset to TikTok, and we’ve maintained all their digital assets until nowadays.


Expand More

Seeding the content in social media and websites will not be enough

to answer the challenge. We need

to expand more by consistently holding digital activation, tapping in with KOL & content creators, always-on ads, creating unique digital campaigns. During this pandemic,

in 2020 and 2021, Pensil held an online festival for KTO Moeslim friendly destination campaign. On average, we got 3000-4000 audience who joined this virtual event.  


Content Assets

Instagram Account:



As their creative digital agency since 2018 up to now, we are proud to share this result


We successfully increased 435% followers with 2% engagement rate in the first year we managed the account, and continually steady at more than 150% increased followers.

In average, we got 40,000 website visits per month, even there is no support ads or digital activity.

#AkuDanKorea become organically used by audience while they were travelling to Korea.

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