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Pensil Media Digital Agency Microsoft Original Campaign Study Case

Video Viral and Digital Engagement




Microsoft has challenged us to create a campaign based on their main problem: 

Most of the Indonesian people are not aware and conscious of choosing the genuine Windows or Microsoft software.

Another challenge is, we can’t communicate with  netizens (especially millennials) with the patronizing statement or acting like we are smarter than them.


We created a strategy that will flick their pride and make it more fun activity.



The campaign started with two comedic videos,

an exaggerated series of stories about counterfeit software users, whose failure to use the genuine Microsoft software cost him some unfortunate events, even ultimately his love life!

After launching the videos, 

we spread fun Key Visual (which became viral at that time!) by lifting on the real situation “Ori vs Palsu”

which happens in our target audience's daily life. We produced a series of highly shareable statement images to maximize the impact and become a conversational piece.

We were not stopping on this. After the key visual got viral, we continue the hype by collaborating with the biggest meme community in Indonesia;

Meme Comic Indonesia (MCI) &

Meme Rage & Comic Indonesia (MRCI).

They started the conversation by post their own remake #CariYangOri meme, then ask the audience also to create a meme

from our template




Launch #Cariyangori video and statement images that were lifting on the real situation “ori vs palsu”


Collaborate with the meme community to make it more viral and engaged them to create their own statement “ori vs palsu” using our image template.


The best statement will get an exclusive edition of XBOX ONE S


The highlight of the result was we got really satisfying number

of engagement of our content!


We’ve received 487 meme submissions, 821.177 reaches, and 55.509 engagements from MCI & MRCI assets, which is achieved more than agreed KPI

The campaign successfully engaged

the audience, both at Microsoft's own asset and community asset.

We found much feedback, which agreed and realized the importance

of using Microsoft's

original software.

The campaign also grab  the attention of Microsoft’s consumer/ happy user

and made them willing

to share their pride of using Microsoft original


We also find that our fun statement and video content become one of the most engaged and shareable contents

in Microsoft social media, as the resulting number of likes, comment and shares are bigger than other content

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