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Video Viral Strategy Engagements

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Whatever our goals in life, happiness is the key. Through their innovations, Samsung give possibilities for people to find their happiness.

How we make the video? We propose a story-driven video about the struggle of Indonesian badminton athlete, as a metaphor for Samsung Indonesia’s journey. With love and support from his mother, after the ups and downs, the athlete finally become the champion

and wins Indonesia’s heart.


Why badminton? Because badminton inspires Indonesian to reach achievements and has brought national pride throughout the years, just like what Samsung do for 25 years and still counting. Also, at that moment, Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir just came through as the Gold Medalist in Rio Olympic 2016. So, making a video with that theme is the best strategy to win the client's heart and make our video become worth-to-talk in digital media. 


Samsung Indonesia wants to create a corporate video about their journey through 25 years of history land to Indonesia, emphasizing on the innovations they’ve made.


Since the challenge is to create a corporate video that differs from others, so we have to come up with an extraordinary concept. Here we go!

So, we propose the hashtag #InovasiBawaKebahagiaan as the umbrella of the integrated PR and Digital Activation.


After the video has launched, we get so many positive comments. Most commenters admit that Samsung makes their live better with its innovations. Mission accomplished! Here’s the total result:

504,636 views (update Jan, 30th 2017)

Total Like : 222

Total Dislike : 17

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