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Samsung NX Pensil Media

Digital Campaign



The target audience likes to follow the visual trend in social media. They love to create and share their own signature moment in visually and share it to social media.




Introduce and build the solid community for the newest product category from Samsung Indonesia, The Samsung Camera NX series

Our task is to create awareness and engagement based on positive emotional touch, imbued by the product functional benefit as the main subject. 


The idea came up from target audience behavior, which likes to follow trending visual scheme on social media & eager to create their own version of the moments.


We encourage audience to create & share their memorable moment with “500” signature using #500Moments hashtag.



We made several sketch of photography concept, which appeal to target audience, and then proposed to client


After the concept approved, we create photo images with “500” theme and vary the activity monthly on several subject, such as : food, nature, city scape, etc


We posted the example images on Samsung own media, and then engage Audience to participate the activity by submitting their own version of #500Moments


The best photo submission will get the prize, an exploration trip to one of many Indonesia’s exotic location

Pensil Media Digital Agency Samsung NX Camera Study Case

We made several sketch concept proposed to client before the photo-shoot 

After the concept approved, we create photo images with “500” elements based on monthly theme


During Samsung #500moments campaign, we managed to achieve great results :

3776 Photo Submissions: 3,776 submissions for #500Moments pictures

INCREASED AWARENESS: Successfully expand the awareness of the product through digital conversations thus creates a solid group among target audience that are eager to spread the message on product unique features and their experience using the product

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