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Pensil Media Digital Agency Tropicana Slim Study Case



Digital Engagement


Nutrifood, as one of the biggest player in food industry,  creates a new TV Commercial for their premium product, Tropicana Slim, which aims to appeal to younger audience and educate them on the importance of incorporating their product on their daily diet. Unfortunately, most of their target audience is using other medium than TV, mostly focuses on Social Media and on-demand content on Youtube. 

How to engage and deliver the message about the importance of healthier lifestyle towards a younger audience? We make the message FUN.


Being healthy always related to sweat, workout or even diet. Have you heard how our digital work bring healthiness?

Plus, in a funny way.



Using one of the biggest online youth community in Indonesia: MCI - Meme Comic Indonesia, we create a custom campaign where MCI's creative minded members are challenged to  complete a sentence, which taken from the TV Commercial. 



Audience need to watch the Tropicana Slim's TV Commercial on YouTube, specially the scene where a mother converse to her son on the importance of healthier lifestyle by choosing healthier kind of sugar



The audience needs to creatively makes their own version of the mother's statement using MCI Meme Generator, which Indonesians commonly uses to create internet memes


The most voted statement will get the prize that appeals to their demographic


Although the campaign held just 7 days before Eid Mubarak, where most Indonesians are expected to finalised their Ramadhan rituals, prepare to go back their hometown and concentrate on their holiday plan; The Tropicana Slim campaign managed to achieve :

Additional 21,419 organic YouTube views for 7 days

Total submission: 18,140 (300% over the Client-set KPI)

17,010 total conversational comments generated by the artwork submitted by the participants

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